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By now, you would have surely heard about Dark Hollow. 

In a year filled with plenty of great edits, Dion Agius’ full-length for Globe — filmed around Dion’s home island of Tasmania and across the world over the past 3 years — stood out. 

And to further celebrate Mr. Agius’ film, we put together a bespoke hardcover for it all. 

Somewhere hidden along the cold, quiet and secluded east coast of Tasmania lies Dark Hollow. A small tannin-stained creek surrounded by native bushland, slowly meandering its way towards the coast. This creek and the coastline with which it connects, on the beautiful island of Tasmania, have become the basis of inspiration for this project.




Dark Hollow is a journey into the unknown, a ride into a forgotten future realm, a future world overrun by nature. A full-length feature film of the future, dystopia and utopia combined.

The Dark Hollow book is a collection of still photography documenting Dion’s time on the road filming for the project, distilled in a premium hardcover coffee table book. Celebrating not just the film itself, but also serving as a lasting reminder of a unique era in free surfing and in Dion’s career. In an increasingly digital world, a world flooded by 15 second IG clips, we wanted to create a tangible, physical celebration of surfing led by amazing photography by Nick GreenJohn Respondek and Dion Agius. Featuring Dion Agius, Craig Anderson and Chippa Wilson.

Here are the details: A premium, hardcover coffee table book bounded on high-quality FSC paper. Printed in Europe and limited to 1500 copies worldwide. 296 pages. Measurements: 31 x 23 x 2 cm.

Grab one of the last few copies via Wasted Talent Boutique now.

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