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FM, Originals January 2, 2022January 11th, 2022

Wasted Talent FM #27: Hanna Scott

Happy New Year. 2022. Here’s to new resolutions and all that.

To be fair we’ve already broken ours. This was meant to be onsite yesterday but the hangovers were too severe.

It’s a known thing that resolutions take effect on the second anyway. And if you need some upbeat tunes to kick off the year, then look no further than this exclusive playlist courtesy of Canada’s sweetheart and dear friend Hanna Scott.

Currently making us very jealous by posting stories from the sun drenched shoreline of Hawaii, Hanna’s smooth selects are sure to blow those cobwebs away, whilst giving you a gentle reminder that life isn’t all that bad. Time to rehydrate and two step your way to new horizons.

And if you can’t face the music and would rather stay tucked up under the duvet for another 24 hours then look no further than Hanna’s delightful film club selects here¬†to help pass the time.

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