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By now, Gony Zubizarreta should be a familiar name.

Rumble Fish star. A man who proved his love of seafood is only equaled by his love for Super Bock’s during our Eurothrash jaunt. Just an overall phenomenal Spanish surfer. These are some of the go-to connotations.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Gony, though. Too long considering we’ve shared a road trip from Lisbon to Paris — via Ericeira, San Sebastián, Bordeaux, and Hossegor with all the toll roads, surf checks, and hangovers bad enough to make grown men cry shared in-between — with the man. He’s back now, though, and with a full-length that we’re pleased to report he’s still displacing half the lineup with each turn in. 

Filmed and edited by Matt Tromberg, Gony gets the full Metal Neck treatment. Steel string-heavy soundtrack. Classic, hold-on-wasn’t-this-part-in-an-early-Lost-video surf smut thematic elements. Highly, highly, highly enjoyable surfing. A come-one-come-all cure-all for weekend surf motivation.

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