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The ever graceful Jai Glindeman.

It probably seems like everywhere you look, there’s been a feature, end-of-year ranking list, or clip feat. Jai.

We include ourselves of course, as those who have copped Volume X can attest to.

As a bright, new Australian talent that’s already become a Billabong staple and is a recent addition to the Globe team, it makes sense. That’s how these things work.

He’s a 18-year-old wunderkind, and that’s just good marketing. But Jai is so much more than just another face to sell you some board-shorts. The terracotta-steady head, low centre of gravity, and constant speed and power through turns. You only need to watch Jai once to know he is le mec. 

Stale is the latest offering of said statement, expertly filmed and edited by Georde Gridor. The only complaint is its too short. But hey! Less is more right?


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