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We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Baglady Supplies.

The south London brand founded by ex-Yardsale affiliate Tom Delion, have been offering up a refreshing vibe on the big smoke’s skate scene since their inception in 2020.

Pack Light is their latest visual treat following last year’s Groveside. Opening with a strong nocturnal section featuring Davide HolzknechtNick Richards‘ & Jackson Davis‘ visual aesthetics alongside Tom’s editing and song selection, go hand in hand, perfectly complimenting the wooden toy techniques executed by team riders Luka Pinto, Aref Koushesh, Tom Delion, Henry Gibbs, Ranga, Joel Banner, and Daryl Dominguez, the latter who deserves extra plaudits for his sheer speed and fearlessness no matter how crusty the spot.

If you’re not too familiar with those names above then sit back and take note.

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