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It’s always a joy when there’s a new independent surf film that drops.

It’s especially exciting when you find out it’s the first feature from photographer Tom Pearsall and features one Beau Cram.

You may remember seeing Tom’s photography via a trip through Europe which graced our site during peak lockdown in 2020.

And whilst we were navigating on/off restrictions, it looks like Tom was embarking on trips with Beau.

Around the same time the flame haired (possible android) Mark Zuckerberg hit launch on the Metaverse, our fuzzy haired protagonist (and bona fide human) Beau Cram escaped the grips of COVID-19, stepped on the gas of his large, rectangular shaped metal land-vehicle and… simply disappeared.

“The title ‘Enter the Cramaverse: eerie descent’ was conjured up in conversation with Beau and his partner Dalia and it makes sense. I’d always wanted to make a film since being inspired by my old mans VHS’s of titles like ‘Fantasea’ and ‘Five Summer Stories’ as a grom and more recently by the likes of Andrew Kidman, Jon Frank and Mark Sutherland’s films. ‘Beyond Litmus’ for example. Surf movies that create their own universe for the time you sit transfixed. At the end of the day my hope is that this first foray into motion brings a smile to your face and makes you want to go surfing. Then all the hours of staring at a computer will be worthwhile. I have to say I very much have a newfound respect for the video people.” – Tom Pearsall.

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