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“The waves were crap for two weeks straight in France and it turned out Yael and Diogo were both in Portugal for a QS event. So we made a call and presented our idea to our TM about filming some stuff and shooting a new collection for Volcom. We got the green light and everyone was pretty hyped… Not really about the waves but just being four friends in a local fisherman’s house in Caparica for two weeks (Laughs). So I took my car and drove the classic 9 hours of highway by myself in my grandpa’s car (fingers crossed the whole way) to join the others. I made it in one piece and the rest is history!” -Issam Auptel

And here you have it. Diogo Martins, Issam Auptel, Yael Peña and two weeks of eating pasta everyday, and chasing clips whilst visiting Lisbon’s beautiful clubs every night. To be young!

Film and edit by Gui Martins

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