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Austrian-American Richard Neutra is regarded as one of the most prominent and important architects of the 20th century. Once labelled “a prophet of clean, crisp modernism”.

In 1932 Richard Neutra built and designed his home, the VDL Studio and Residences, with the help of a Dutch industrialist, Cees H. Van Der Leeuw. Through the home’s use of innovative materials and design features, Neutra was able to demonstrate how functional and elegant design could be made affordable, without making any compromises in regards to his philosophy of Biorealism.

In collaboration with the VDL House, MOUTHWASH Studio compiles archival and recent material to cycle through foundational themes within Neutra’s work. Pieced together with a narration from his wife, Dione Neutra, the film places a keen focus on nature and the natural landscape, and how an understanding of the natural world influenced Neutra’s approach to spatial and architectural design.

For the architect, his devotion to design was a way to serve people, and thus, serve life. His buildings were an attempt at preserving the basic elements of life and almost served as a catalyst for our return–to nature, simplicity, accessibility, and beauty.

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