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“This all started with a call from Eithan Osborne telling us that he’s in Portugal filming with Gui Martins for 10 days, staying alone in a six person apartment… and telling us to come down!

With a little help from the good guys at Wetty to finance the fuel and tolls we hit the classic 10 hour drive from Biarritz to Ericeira in a van to drink Sagres and surf between Carcavelos & Péniche with ATON.

Barely back from the Portugal trip, my friends were in Morocco with a prime forecast, so I left with Brat for a week and joined them. The end result? A 4-minute clip with music we like to listen and putting no much pressure on a complicated edit courtesy of Imovie. And this is the result!” – Mathis Martinelly

Watch Issam Auptel And Mathis conquer Portugal in good company through the above clip.

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