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Welcome Rivers is a brand we’ve been fond of since its inception.

Founded and conceptualised during the global pandemic by childhood favourite, Mr Warren Smith (note Insight Days) alongside master lensman Grady Archbold. And they’ve done things a little different for their latest venture, taking a fresh outlook on surf aesthetics – Enter pink loafers, tracksuits, linen tees, Japanese neoprene and satin shorts to mention a few pieces. They run a tight operation funded purely by the two, meaning no extra slack for paid models and team riders, let alone staff. What you see is what you get. 

So what really is WR? We would say it’s a contemporary surf brand which reflects aspects of music, art and photography… They would say it’s a warm hug of free flowing creativity.  Season-less, drifting with the weather. We’ll let you decide by viewing the collection here

In celebration of WR’s latest collection and timely arrival into Europe, we worked with Grady, the brands creative mastermind on a Zine going by the name of SILVER. Click full screen below to view:




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