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If you’re one of those people who’s attention span has been corrupted by years of endless scrolling, perhaps our 13 minute Mikey Feb doc Good Hope was too long for you.

Which is tragic of course. But hopefully you can at least enjoy this one minute clip above instead.

Commissioned by BYREDO and directed by our dear friend and fellow South African native Roberto Colombo, A Juju State of Mind draws on the hitherto little-noticed connection between dance culture and the speed of surfing and captures the unique pace and feeling of surfing in Africa. Filmed in Mikey’s hometown, the exchange of flow and energy creates a connection between music, surfing and the community.

A new limited edition collection created in collaboration with the Ghanaian artist and social entrepreneur Joseph Awuah-Darko, born in Great Britain, continues the connection of Byredo with the world of surfing. The multidisciplinary practice of the artist, who deals intensively with the circular economy, is based on autobiographical topics such as spirituality and identity. These find their expression in paintings and tapestries, which are often woven from collected plastic residues. Four of his tapestries are now available as prints on limited edition surf T-shirts, which were created in cooperation with the Stockholm Surfboard Club.

Byredo will also reprise its previous collaboration with Stockholm Surfboard Club to release two new swimsuit designs imprinted with the brand’s abstract graphic motif. All proceeds from this three-way collaborative effort go to benefit Juju Surf, a non-profit organisation which supports surfing communities in Africa.

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