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ARNOW | A Tom Lowe portrait by Jack Whitefield

This video was originally released in December 2022

This time last year we released ARNOW, Jack Whitefield’s 46 minute portrait of professional big wave surfer Tom Lowe — A sensory and visceral journey through Cornwall and Ireland; this film builds a picture of Tom’s complex character using a patchwork of memories and stories sown together through interviews of family and associates who have bore witness to Tom’s dedicated and dangerous journey.

If you missed it the first time around, or simply want to re-watch this masterpiece, we’ve put the film back at the top of our site for easy viewing.


Tom Lowe, referred to as Lowey by friends, family and media alike is regarded by most as the greatest big wave surfer to come from British waters and respected as one of the best in the world at what he does.

An adolescence spent surfing his local beach somehow led him to long cold dark Winters in Ireland searching out new waves before travelling further afield to track, follow and surf the biggest swell forecasts on the planet.

This in turn blessed him with more magazine covers than most at that time, be it pioneering a slab in Ireland or (an Englishman) in the lip at Teahupoo. Renonwed for paddling days no one else wants to be using arm power alone, the last few years has seen him nominated for multiple big wave awards while competing on the big wave world tour. 

Tom and Vans have given free rein to childhood friend and talented artist Jack Whitefield to give a deep psychedelic trip through Tom’s past and present. A fellow St.Ives born and raised, who is more formerly known for his photography, art and book making studies in the public eye, but behind closed doors has worked on many a video project.

Commissioned by Vans Europe.


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