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From the World January 19, 2024

Halt the Demolition of Imsouane

Locals in the old town of Imsouane, Morocco, are under threat after being given 24 hours to vacate due to planned demolitions!

Imsouane is a small fishing village in Souss-Massa, located between Essaouira and Agadir, known for its long, peeling right-hand point break at The Bay. Its charm lies in its authenticity, the warmth of its people, and the livelihoods they’ve built over generations.

But now, this cherished place is under threat. The proposed demolition will not only erase a significant part of the characteristic charm of Imsouane but also displace many residents who will lose their livelihoods. These are people whose lives are intertwined with the very fabric of Imsouane – their homes and businesses form an integral part of what makes this town special. And many locals depend on tourism for their income – an industry that thrives on the unique appeal that places like old-town Imsouane offer.

We strongly encourage all to sign the petition here.

Locals in Tifnit suffered the sea fate several weeks ago.

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