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 We’re new and it’s nice to make your acquaintance.. Well, actually we’ve been around a bit. But more in the shadows. On the fringes. At the forefront, but thoroughly behind the scenes. It’s been a little while coming.

   We came to birth by doing something a little differently. We’re writing this having been kicked out of an airport lounge in Paris and we’re already a week behind schedule. A well orchestrated shit show to say the least.  We wanted something that we wanted to read, to engage with, to challenge, to inspire and to get us psyched. Something with a little Euro flavour, a little je ne sais quoi but still presenting a well served dish internationally. Hopefully we suit your palate, as we imagine (like ours) it’s difficult to please in an age defined by over information, constant connectivity, over simulation and hyper mobility. It’s made our taste buds a little numb if we are being honest, and sometimes the old fashion ways are the best.

Eye contact. A coy smile. A Handshake. Print.

And as for how we got here? We’ve racked up air-miles, wrote a thousand emails, made phone calls, missed flights, made flights, discovered trains are maybe better then missed them too. We’ve been on too many trips. Some productive. Some not. We maxed out every credit card offered to us and made student overdrafts look laughable. We were told we were too young, too ambitious, too inexperienced. We’ve been applauded and laughed at. Told that surf is dead in Europe, that skate print is dead too and that the entire industry is fucked.

And fuck it we’d agree to all of that to a certain extent.

But with a little tenacity, some luck, a heap of mistakes and a slew of good times we made it. A little rough around the edges, eyes a little bloodshot, some late nights, some early mornings but here we are.

But we couldn’t of done it without you, so thanks for being here with us. Thanks for reading, engaging, sticking one finger to the status quo, and just generally being you. Here’s to a fun future.

   Yours, for a while at least.

         Wasted Talent  

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