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Vignettes June 29, 2017April 9th, 2021

Skegss by Carles Medina

Barcelona is always a hazy affair, but even more so when sending it with Skegss at primavera. 

For those of you how don’t know Primavera, you should. It’s the most beautifully orchestrated shit-show we have ever born witness to and we highly recommend you attend. 

Beers are always colder and cheaper backstage, so we lurked. We warmed up by watching Slayer with the guys then they played late. Spanish Late. The photos below will testify how wild it was, as the night went on our memories hazed into a Mediterranean blur…

Thanks so much to the boys at Skegss for hosting us, to our Volume 1 cover boy Carles Medina for always being behind the camera at the right time, and to Barcelona for being the best fucking city ever. We love you. Never change. 

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