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We met Josh Nice about a year ago in Paris. We like being around cameras, and so does Josh, hence why we instantly got along.

Since then we’ve been on multiple trips around Europe together, and his photography keeps getting better and better.

A few weeks ago, Josh spent some time in the South West of France. Apart from attending our release party in Hossegor, he spent a few days in Bordeaux and had the chance to document the city’s skate scene during his stay.

Some faces might be familiar. Some not. We’re sure you’re familiar with Leo Valls. If you aren’t, make sure you read his feature in our Volume 1. For the others, you will surely recognize them if you ever roll around the infamous Pey Berland plaza in Bordeaux.

You can follow Josh’s projects via his website. He’s got the eye,  so look out for more from him! 

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