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Jacca Deeble recently sent us a bunch of photos from A year spent on the road between OZ and NZ.

Now, we’re not gonna lie here: sitting in front of our office desks on a rainy Saturday morning, we couldn’t help but feel a little jealous opening his we-transfer. The man has seen some beautiful places and does a remarkably great job capturing them. Some of his landscape shots are stunning, and checking them out might be highly dangerous if you’re the lucky owner of access to fake money (we mean a credit card…) 

Originally from Cornwall, but raised in Kenya, Jacca had the chance to delay his graduation and move to New Zealand for a year. After buying an old painters van and turning it into a camper, he spent 6 months living out of it and explored the whole length of NZ, from the winterless north all the way to stewart island in the south. Jacca also spent a month in OZ and drove from Melbourne to Cairns up the east coast, documenting the whole journey.

“I started shooting on 35mm about 4 years ago and now pretty much only shoot on film. At first borrowing old cameras from my parents (they’re wild-life film makers/photographers so lots of kit lying around) and then being forced to buy my way into the business after I got mugged in Colombia and lost an old camera and mint lens of theirs. Sorry Mum. Since then I’ve also fallen in love with medium format 6×4.5 film. it costs an arm and leg but the results are beautiful.”

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