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Vignettes February 1, 2018


Thom Gatt is a photographer hailing from Baulkham Hills, a few miles West of the Australian capital and its skyline surrounded by turquoise waters. 

You would expect Thom’s pictures to be a reflexion of such a colorful environment. A Portra 400 dream. But instead Thom prefers a monochromatic approach, immortalizing the city’s everyday life, and the moments of beauty that he encounters when skating around with his friends.

Talented behind the lens when it comes to shooting skateboard photography on both analog and digital formats, Thom concedes that he’s been going back to basics of late: “Creating simple images calls for a simple approach and treating photography as a mere game of point and shoot works is a treat in my opinion. Because in the end taking anything too seriously sucks, especially your own artistic integrity.”

And here you have it. Thom’s vision of his surroundings rounded up in ten images shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 ISO film.

Stay tuned for more of Thom’s work via his Instagram.

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