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Not long ago, a mysterious photographer under the Instagram handle “ladymustard” caught our attention. 

We first saw lots of photos shot on 35mm film. A lot of them were really good, and lot of them featured a variety of parasols… an obsession of some sorts? We then saw Golden Mustard branded merch of all kinds: Tote bags, tee-shirts, hoodies… And all of a sudden, she was everywhere in the streets! Vandalized walls, stickers and printed photographs all mysteriously signed by Golden Mustard paint drips… Everything pointed toward Lady Mustard. That’s when we knew we had to dig deeper, and learn more about the girl behind it all.


Meet Maddison Kellie, aka “ladymustard”. Hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia, she is a photographer who isn’t scared about getting her hands dirty: often playing with paint to bring a new dimension to her pictures, she is slowly creating a visual signature for herself, a brand identity if you will, that complement perfectly her already great work.

Maddison recently left her homeland and embarked on a trip to Europe and the West Coast of the US. But in between the two, she took this opportunity to stop by the one and only New York City, and she sent us a visual post card of her trip, which you will find bellow:

New York, New York.

What was meant to be my last 10 days of vacation turned into a month long staycation. It was my first time in this insane city, I knew 3 people who lived there and I didn’t really have any real idea what it would be like without thinking of how Patti Smith described it in ‘Just Kids’ so I was kinda going into this one blind but veeerry excited.

I knew this place was about to rock my world and of course it didn’t let me down. I came to learn very quickly that the city of NY, the one that apparently never sleeps, is one of the most diverse cities I have ever experienced. So many different zones for people of all walks of life. I fell for everything about this city. There’s just so much happening all of the time but you can always catch a break, step back and watch as the world goes by in front of you. I hadn’t felt so away far from home in Australia but I think I really found my common ground and my heart a Vanessas dumplings; you stimulated my senses for a very cheap price.  It’s the type of city that makes you step out of your norm and be someone extra in the best way that you possibly can. No one cares, everyones killin it, doing their own thing or ultimately staring into the abyss on the corner of Broadway and Myrtle ave..but hey whatever keeps ya sane. So after an extended month submerged in New Yorks greatness and a bunch of new pals its safe to say I have formed a big crush on this city.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, I highly recommend you do. Theres a whole other world of opportunity out there just waiting for you.

Check out more of Maddison’s work on her Instagram, and her website.

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