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Ireland! The dream! We’re not sure where we first met Gearoid, but we’ve have some wild times. Gearoid McDaid  – For those of you who are unfamiliar, Gearoid (Pronounced Gea-akdjhaipudh), G Man is one of Ireland’s nay Northern Europe’s hottest prospects right about now. A supremely well round surfer and amazing value on the beers. Needless to say we get along outstandingly well. Times spend filming for our short Dagda, a incredibly boozy few days in Biarritz and watched the young (usually sunburnt) irishman thread a few tubes out the front in Hossegor. Oh la la!

We thought we would give the young whippersnapper a call to discuss his latest edit of waveriding pleasure and generally catch up. 

WT: G Man – How’s tricks? You haven’t sent us any nudes recently, We’re feeling a little neglected to be honest….

G: Grand man! Just got to Portugal for the Qey so I will send some tonight I promise…

WT: Splendid, who are you staying with? 

G: Gony. Waves are fun, we just surfed San Juliao – Jesus I’m already pretty Sunburnt! 

WT: You’ve only been there an hour… your tender skin!

G: I know man, stoked though. Doing the contest then going to hit the Algrave for a while.

WT: Beuatiful. Congrats on Misery loves Company. Very slick. Quite a lot of rights…. How long did you film for?

G: Haha. I hate rights, well actually I don’t mind them that much but lefts are wayyyy better! We’ve had such a fun run of waves, we filmed that in October – Febuary, a really good winter….

WT:  What’s next for ya?

G: I’m thinking of going to Chile with Willy (Aliotti). Couple more lefts. Could be fun. 

W.T Trips with Willy are usually pretty peaceful. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of rest and a have a reflective time…..

G: I know right. 

(We exchange stories that can’t be repeated on the Internet)

W.T And then summer? Are you coming back to France? For the Basque Bang Fest aka the Anglet Pro?

G. I would love to spend the summer there. Surf Boardshorts and left rip bowls!  And yep I’ll 100% be back for the BBF / Anglet Pro. Hopefully we can have a rerun of last year!

W.T Uh oh… See you then!


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