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A love story between a ballet dancer and a Parisian skateboarder in empty French museums.

Sounds a little cheesy right? And it is. But we all like a little fromage from time to time. Plus who doesn’t love the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay?

Die-hard skaters are bound to argue it feels more like an eau de toilette commercial. And they’re probably right.

But the truth is it’s an accomplished piece of work, expertly executed whilst also showcasing the first time Parisian museums have opened their doors to both skateboarding and classical ballet in a subsequent film .

Beautiful lensed by Killian Lassablière & Marin Troude and featuring the wonderful sounds of composer Max Richter’s November, Museum showcases the union of two bodies in motion through time and history of art. Two souls intimately linked, each one appropriating their own space to revive the works of art. An epic and lyrical journey between shadows and lights, combining classical ballet by Victoria Dauberville and skateboarding by Tristan Helias, the latter whom co-directed the clip alongside Marin Troude.

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