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Vignettes April 10, 2019


Photography by  Frederico Vegele . Text by  Yentl Touboul .

Photography by Frederico Vegele. Text by Yentl Touboul.

We recently got to spend some time in the marvelous city that is Rio de Janeiro.

Despite residing a little out of town jamming on a project we can’t just yet disclose, we managed to sneak our way in the city center in order to meet Frederico Vegele. We’d been following Difre’s work for a while now, and meeting him in person was an absolute treat. 

Originally hailing from Portugal, Freddie — as ‘everybody appart from his mum when she’s angry’ calls him — has been calling Rio home for the past 17 years. On top of running a film production company which is responsible for numerous adverts you’ll be able to witness when navigating the frantic streets of the town, the man also happens to be very talented at photography.

Taking skate good photographs is not an easy job. On top of having to nail all the different aspects that make any photograph a good one, skate photographers have to always be on it, nailing perfect timing, as well as an angle that will do justice to the trick/spot combo in question. Many people tick some of these boxes, but very few manage to do it all at once, although that’s just what Freddie’s work is about. Always using the environment that surrounds him best, his work showcases an attention to details, that makes his monochromatic work stand out. On the contrary of Europe where the lack of light in the winter months can be a challenge, the abundance of it in Brasil can be a tricky parameter to deal with. Freddie learnt how to embrasse these contrasts, playing with light and darkness to create insane compositions that you can witness in the selection of his recent work below.

We would advise to keep up with Freddie’s work and slide in his DM if you ever happen find yourself with a free day in Rio. Chances are that the man will be down for a skate through Praça XV and the city’s sea-front, and you’re more than likely to have the just the most pleasant of days! 

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