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Vignettes November 14, 2019July 28th, 2020

What I Remember

It’s funny where a random email can lead.

When Berlin based photographer Anne Lomberg sent us a portfolio last week out of the blue, we were overwhelmed by a selection of sensual portraits, intimately exploring the naked body.

Whilst we couldn’t argue with the calibre of photography on display, we struggled to imagine how it would fit into our realm. NSFW is an understatement and the thought of some grom checking our site for the latest skate/surf hype only to stumble upon a feast of full frontal nudity could end with some nasty parental emails.

So we spoke some more to Anne and asked if she perhaps had something lighter to offer. A road trip or adventure perhaps. Anne returned with a collection of photos from a random trip through Palm Springs with someone unknown she’d met through Instagram, along with a poem about the experience……..

What I Remember

While I’m sitting in my warmed up nest and leafing through old pictures of California, I’m thinking of you.The days here in Berlin are short, shorter than ever and I long for the desert sun. Many memories come alive when looking at the road trip images, a road trip that we planned together without really knowing each other, without touching or ever understanding each other. We made a decision, we would drive through Wasteland. It was an adventure N., and I have never regretted it. It was probably one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever done.

What I Remember

endless streets and streets
heat above my head and between my legs

your hand on my thighs

forgotten trees and broken signs

strangers, never been closer

the smell of dust and gasoline
as we drive and drive with no end in sight on fog-covered roads

tumbleweeds across the horizon
the discovery of two exhausted bodies
that love each other in the shadow of resistance

I remember imperfection, fragility sentimentality

the cars we left behind and the calcified pipelines trust, appetite -appetite

deep conversations
until late night

rejection, devotion, wandering

wondering why and while…

California’2017 for N.

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