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You may recall the name Thomas Ling.

We met a few summers back whilst he was travelling across EUROPE IN HIS VAN.

He’s the guy we couldn’t figure out if we were stalking or he was stalking us.

Despite being back in Australia, we’ve maintained our stalk friendly relationship digitally and were recently graced with some snaps from a mid term break in Bali.

Not so much a conceptual series, more a quiet reminder of the ever increasing effects of mass tourism.

We’ll leave you with a few words from the man himself.

“’I’ve been going to Bali for years, primarily as a surfer, always photographing the trip. Change is inevitable, and the booming tourist industry fuels this progress. The Bali of old is a bygone era, and as the tourist industry rapidly develops, questioning the ethics of progress is inevitable. The attached images aren’t intended to make comment on this change, they simply attempt to recognise what was before, and what is now.”.

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