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Vignettes May 13, 2020July 28th, 2020

Sweet Knies

photos:    Jeremy Knies

photos: Jeremy Knies

We’ve said it time and time again. Drop us an email.

That’s exactly what Jeremy Knies did. And now you’re looking at his work.

Despite only being 22 years of age, Jeremy quite clearly has an eye several years above his official date of birth. Having first picked up a camera in eighth grade, he’s never looked back. And when you’re born and raised in Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of imagery to point your lens at.

We’ll hand over to him from here.

I’ve really just been shooting photos casually for the last eight years or so. I got more serious about it in the last five I should say. I don’t think I’m necessarily trying to make a living off it completely alone. I just enjoy shooting photos for the hell of it. People, old cars, interesting scenery, I really can’t pin point what my photos are based around. I’ll be out grabbing a coffee and I’ll see something that probably wouldn’t excite a fly, but for me, it’s like that, “oh shit” kind of moment. Most of my photos are composed like that. hahaha

There’s so many talented photographers and artists in general out there, in Los Angeles especially. It’s crazy, every time I pull Instagram out, there’s always a beautiful photo on that explore page and then I’ll track down who shot it to see more, and sure enough, I’ll find a ton more. It’s a pretty inspiring thing! That being said, I couldn’t quite narrow down my top influences. I guess I’m more swayed towards black & white photography, not for any particular reason either. Also, working for Banks Journal has opened a good amount of doors to work with some unique and creative individuals that honestly, have me challenging myself to think a little more, “outside the box”. 

Not too sure where I’ll end up with this photo thing, but that’s the fun of it all. I guess the 17 year old me would give me a pat on the back. 

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