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The latest single from CJ Mirra’s official soundtrack to the eponymously named upcoming audio-visual experiment by Chris McClean.

Following on from video release for its main theme and the second single Sans RaisonHorses, also produced by Chris McClean was filmed during the visually arresting Las Luminarias festival in San Bartolome de Pinares which sees horses ridden through bonfires in the streets – a 500 year old purification rite said to protect against the plague… the symbolism of the ritual against the context of present times is haunting and mesmerising.

“Horses, written by Will Oldham is one of my favourite songs,” says CJ Mirra. “I’d shared the track with Chris years ago and when he came back from filming in Spain, he wanted to record a version for the film. I recorded a slow, dark, stripped back arrangement. When we started rehearsals for the live a/v show, the band added extra colour and energy that worked so well that we recorded a new version for the soundtrack with Lee-Ann Curren on backing vocals, Oliver Davies on drums and Andrea Balency on piano. There’s also sounds of a burnt out, abandoned piano that Chris found. He recorded himself playing it and sent it to me. The symbolism and the sound felt perfect, so he is featured on the music for this piece too.”

 “As the sun set, piles of pines were set alight and dramatic scenes unfolded,” recalls Chris. “More and more horses and riders appeared, galloping through the streets, billowing smoke and sparks hanging in the air, flames licking the horses heels. The more daring riders charged through the pyres at full pelt scattering glowing embers, cinders and ashes. Watching this back gives me a longing for the rough and tumble of shooting something quite wild and unruly.” 

Translate is released on The State51 Conspiracy 27th November 2020  HERE as digital download. The super limited edition lathe-cut vinyl created by The State51 Atelier is available for pre-order HERE.

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