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Video and 16mm frames: Matt Payne.

In our day and age where we’re served new surf & skate edits on a silver plater everyday, how many come from truly original ideas? How many are worth remembering, and speak about months after their release?

It’s easy for us to say that Matt Payne’s work enters this category, and his latest independent short film is no different.

Self funded and born from the simple desire to create an authentic audiovisual piece, Weird Way Home is Matt’s latest joint project with Tom Karangelov. Tom has grown to become one of our favourite skateboarders over the past few years. His powerful and precise skating, paired to his spot choice and subtle throwbacks to the 80s and 90s, makes him a unique character in the jungle that is the Los Angeles skate scene.


Following a similar style to his previous independent short film Arbutus starring Nate Tyler, Matt shot the 7-minute piece entirely on 16mm film around Tom’s house of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Born from Tom’s numerous drives around the Southern California metropolis in quest for unusual & unseen spots, the film acts as a behind the scene of his recent ‘Enter the Museum’, WKND and ‘String Theory’ parts, and gives us a candid insight on his everyday life.

We won’t spoil you further more, as we’ve got an extensive print feature with Tom and Matt coming in Volume IX, our upcoming magazine due very soon. Watch this space…

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