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Skits have been ingrained in surf media for decades now.

Just think, that’s why I can say the words, “loose,” and “change,” and instantly your mind will jump to Kelly Slater in a wig. And now Dion Agius and Shaun Manners are trying their hand at it. Cutting the script altogether though so as not to risk any clunky, awkward, dialogue (see: most surfer skits) and just getting straight to it. Tasmanian setting. Some dystopian theme. Jamiroquai soundtrack. We love to see it. No word from Dion yet on if he threw that briefcase while the snakes were actually still inside it, however.

It’s another teaser and reminder of the long-whispered about Epøkhe full-length, which we’re told is sure to hit our screens soon. Any day now.

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