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It’s been far too long since Ben Ericson graced us with an edit.

But as always, the wait is totally worth it.

We first discovered Ben’s work off the back of Evergreen Blues and Pacific Standard Time, two spellbinding 3 minute edits worthy of their respective Vimeo Staff Picks. You can watch both here alongside our exclusive interview.

He then followed up with Vivaduct, an experimental tribute to the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, before returning to skateboarding with Hillside – which loyal readers may recall graced the pages of Volume VI – which reunited Ben with skateboarder Dylan Dowd and documents Dylan building a DIY spot next to a dilapidated motel.

His latest work A R O U N D might be his best work yet. A meticulously crafted skate clip composed from two weekends spent with Nile Gibbs in San Francisco.

It’s worth noting that despite Ben’s fantastic camera work, extended plaudits must be given to Ben Kaplan, Ericson’s longtime editor who’s exquisite eye for cutting is nothing short of magic. The sound design is spot on too.

Go check out more of Ben’s work here.

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