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Uncategorized October 31, 2017

Adelio is a wetsuit brand we very much like.


 Spring. Lovely but fickle. Summer; fun but crowded. Usually drunk and skin on display keeps the boys and girls partying until the early hours and as much as we deny it it does take a toll on early surfs…. Autumn; my god does every man and his (usually german) dog surf. Everywhere is crowded in Autumn. France, Scotland, Ireland, California. Autumn is the poisoned chalice of surfing and we’d go as far to call it overrated. Oh Winter! Less crowds. Less kooks. Sheltered Spots. Irish Coffee. Only the motivated. Better waves. We (like you, we hope) adore cold water climes and the joys they bring. Student days spent crammed into a Renault Clio, stoned out of our little brains in the Scottish highlands with 16 boards was the finest of times. Years (not many years) later, Scotch. Other Cold Water antics of note; Seawolf, anything Balaram does in NYC. Anything Pete Devries does in Canada. Nothing in Surf Snowdonia. Sorry. 


And how to live out your own cold water neoprene clad fantasy? Enter Adelio, making the extra millimeters of neoprene not only bearable but positively pleasant! The 4/3 and 5mm are friends worth investing in and quite simply de riguer for sliding across the granite reefs and slabs of Northern Europe. As modelled with such flare und panache by our very dear Chippa Wilson, tested in Scotland, Norway and Sweden these suits are the very best in the biz. Flex und warmth. Available in black, black and black. Are there other colours? No. You don’t need that. No one does. 

Adelio is exclusively available online in the EU here. 





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