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Uncategorized December 5, 2017

We’re making another Magazine…..


   I’m sat writing this. Seat 4F somewhere over Channel Islands. I have a problem. Well I have many problems / vices / complications but a major one is I can only write on planes. So here I am. And the reason I’m writing is because I was thinking which often leads to putting pen to paper. Thinking how many media kits / emails / pdfs go into ad sales which in turn turns into actual money which in turn pays printers, shippers, photographers, plane tickets, drinks, weird hotels, ‘events’ and lunches. Mix it all together, give it a little shake, garnish with lime, serve late over ice with a apologetic smile and you have a magazine. Which is where this is going.

We’re making another magazine. I was once told that starting a magazine is the worst possible idea you could ever have. I am told daily that the surf industry is the least sustainable business model in existence. I agree. I digress. Vol II. Here we go. No promises as to when …(pundits are betting hard on January) Well we’ve had a busy few months. Beavering away. South Africa, Mexico, LA, Dubai, Copenhagen, New York, Indonesia, London, Milan, Berlin –  and we’ve got a few more places to go… Skating, Surfing, Cavorting Sleeping on sofas, benches, hotels. Anywhere. Late nights. Early Mornings. All in the name of making Vol II. Which we can’t wait to release with a very special release party, to which you’re invited……

 In the meantime, hold tight. Get out there and do fun shit. Also if you know anyone that likes to buy print adds – point them our way.

    Much love.

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