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Originals October 4, 2021

It’s Not Every Day You’re Given A Thousand Anything

There’s a lot you can do with a thousand dollars.

Buy a business class flight to somewhere not too far but certainly nice (luxurious). Settle a month’s worth of rent (sensible). Treat yourself to an exquisite solo meal at that Salt Bae guy’s new restaurant in Knightsbridge (weird, but it’s your money and to each their own). Surfboards, clothing, season tickets to your team. Yes, the opportunities are endless and the thought of it all can be a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully, we’ve got a solution for the indecisive. If you win our Together Again contest, we’ll offer you $1000, sure, but you can only spend it at an independent camera shop of your choice. Think of all the film! I mean, that’s over 100 rolls of Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 out the door alone. Or a decent haul of the fancy stuff.

With that, let’s meet this week’s shortlisters. We’ve been absolutely loving what we’ve seen submitted so far, so it was difficult to choose. A massive congratulations to the photographers below!

Lea Gsimbsl



Born and raised at the Lake of Constance in Germany, Lea is currently studying communication and design at the State Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart. “Photography was always a big part of my life and is still involved in almost everything I do,” says Lea. “If it’s private or for my work.”


Vitaly Golovatyuk



Vitaly is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer from Russia with a background in finance. He left the corporate world to pursue his love for filmmaking and photography and is now a multi-award-winning creator.

“For me, this image reflects the current stage in which our lives have fallen,” says one of our judges, Pierre David. “We look at the world that is collapsing, powerless, but still full of hope!”

Remember, you can still sign up for VERO, and enter the contest now.

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted their photos. And another massive congratulations to both Vitaly and Lea. Two more shortlisters will be selected next week. So, if you weren’t picked this week, don’t worry! There are still four more weeks for you to submit your photos and win our prize of a gallery showing at the Wasted Talent Studio and the $1000 voucher and an opportunity to be published in Wasted Talent magazine grand prize. Follow us on VERO for more Together Again updates and to submit your entries.

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