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From the World October 8, 2021

Jai Glindeman | Welcome To Globe

As of now — right now! — at, yes, this very moment, Jai Glindeman is a part of the Globe Surf Team.

And what a fantastic addition he is. If you saw Pup back in late 2019 you already know the sort of talent Jai has. If you didn’t, well, watch it here so you’re up to speed on things. Or don’t and just take Wade Goodall’s word on it. “Jai Glindeman is so good,” said Wade when we talked with him over the summer. “I really like watching him surf. He has the most fluid style and power.” Now how’s that for a second opinion.

Jai joins Shaun Manners, who signed on earlier this year, too, and an incredibly talented and extensive list of surfers on the Globe team. And knowing Globe, this is probably just a teaser. We’ll be sure to see more from them here soon. And that’s a pretty exciting thought to toss around our head.

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