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Vignettes February 18, 2021February 23rd, 2021

Not Every Silence Needs to Be Filled with Noise

UK based photographer Sam Cashmore has unveiled his latest project entitled Not Every Silence Needs to Be Filled with Noise.

Following on from 2019’s golden? and last year’s Violet ShouldersNESNTBFWN is informed by the conscious work of Soth’s I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating and the beautifully quiet work of Masao Yamamoto.

Ultimately viewing these images through a digital screen doesn’t do the project justice, as its concept is tangible, inviting viewers to “relax into the space around you, feel the paper’s texture, its weight, and fully immerse yourself in the moment. The newsprint’s non-archival quality will result in an ever-changing and deteriorating object that means each and every viewing will be as unique as the last”.

Limited copies are available via Pen Gallery, otherwise you’ll simply have to settle for viewing it through this digital window.

Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_01.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_02.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_03.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_04.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_05.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_06.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_07.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_08.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_09.jpg
Paper Journal_Sam P Cashmore_10.jpg


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